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Board Policy
ABAA            Title I Parental Involvement (District Policy)
ABAA-R1      Title I Parental Involvement – Montrose Elementary
ABAA-R2      Title I Parental Involvement – Orland Colony School
AC                  Nondiscrimination
ACA               Federal Programs Policy and Complaint Procedure With Respect to Federal Programs
ACAA            Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment
AD                  Philosophy:  Goals and Objectives
BB                   School Board Legal Status
BBA                School Board Powers and Duties
BBAA             Board Members Authority
BBB                School Board Elections
BBBA             Board Member Qualifications
BBBB             Board Member Oath of Office
BBC                Board Member Resignation
BBE                Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BBEA             Unexpired Term Fulfillment Procedure
BBF                School Board Code of Ethics
BBFA             Board Member Conflict of Interest
            Organization of the Board
BCA                Board Organizational Meeting
BCB                Board Officers
BCC                Appointed Board Officials
BCD               Board-Superintendent Relationship
BCE                Board Committees
BCG                School Attorney
BD                  School Board Meetings
BDB               School Board Study Session and Work Retreat
BDC                Executive Sessions
BDDB            Agenda Format
BDDC            Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BDDD            Quorum
BDDE            Parliamentary Procedure
BDDF             Voting Method
BDDG             Minutes
BDDH             Public Participation at Board Meetings
BF                   Board Policy Development
            Board Member Services
BHA     New Board Member Orientation
BHB     Board Member Development Opportunities
BHD     Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BJ        School Board Membership
CA      Administration Goal
CBA    Qualifications & Duties of Supt.
CBA-2   Supt. Responsibilities in the capacity of Elem Principal
CBB     Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
CBC     Superintendent Contract/Compensation and Benefits
CBG    Evaluation of the Superintendent
CBH    Evaluation of Principals
CCB     Lines of Authority and Staff Relations
CGA     Business Manager Job Description
CGB     Business Manager Evaluation
CH        Policy Implementation
CHA     Development of Regulations
CHCA   Approval of Handbooks and Directives
CHD     Administration in Policy Absence
CIA       Principal Job Description
CM        School District Annual Report
DB       Annual Budget
DBC    Budget Deadlines & Schedules
DBD    Budget Planning
DBH    Budget Adoption
DBJ     Budget Control
DBK    Transfer of Funds 
DFA    Revenues from Investments 
DGA   Authorized Signatures 
DIC     Financial Reports & Statements
DID     Inventories
DIE     Audits 
DJ        Purchasing
DJF     Purchasing Procedures 
DK      Payment Procedures 
DLB    Salary Deductions 
DLC    Expense Reimbursements/Travel Policy
DLCC Travel Policy
DLCC-1          Extra-Curricular Travel Policy
DLCC-2         Extra-Curricular Travel Policy 
DN      Disposal of Surplus School Property 
DO      Insurance Management 
DP       School Meal Policy
EBCD Emergency Closing 
EEA    Student Transportation Services
EEAA Walkers and Riders
EEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEAD Special Use of School Buses
EEADA          Spectator Bus
GA      Personnel Policies Goal          
             General Personnel Policies
GBA               Equal Opportunity Employment
GBC                Staff Ethics
GBD                FMLA Policy
GBCA             Staff Conflict of Interest
GBEB             Employee Communicable Disease
GBEB-R         Guidelines for Employee Communicable Diseases
GBEC             Drug Free Workplace
GBI                 Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBK/​KGC      Smoking on School Premises 
GCBDD          Military Leave of Absence
GCD               Professional Staff Hiring
GCDDD         Vacancy Transfer
GCE                Part-time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCE-2             Substitute Teacher Pay
GCL                Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCN               Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCPC             Retirement of Professional Staff Members
GCQAB          Tutoring for Pay
GCR                Indemnification of Employees
            Support Staff
GDBC             Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDC                Support Staff Recruiting
GDJ                 Support Staff Time Schedules
GDPA             Reduction in Support Staff Work Force
GDPB             Resignation of Support Staff Members
GDPC             Release of Support Staff Members
GDPD             Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members
IA        Instructional Goals
IB        Academic Freedom 
IC        School Year- School Calendar
ID        School Day
IF        Curriculum Development
IFD     Curriculum Adoption
IGA    Basic Instructional Program
IGAA              Citizenship Education
IGAB              Human Relations Education (Moral/Character Instruction)
IGAF              Physical Education
IGAG              Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
IGBA              Programs for Handicapped Children
IGBC              Limited English Proficiency Instruction
IGD                 Cocurricular and Extracurricular Programs
IGDA              Student Organizations
IGDB              Student Publications
IGDF              Student Fund-Raising Activities
IGDI               Interscholastic Athletics
IGDJ               Concussion Awareness and Prevention
            Instructional Resources
IIA                  Instructional Materials
IIAA               Textbook Selection and Adoption
IIAC               Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IIBD               School Library
IIBG               Acceptable Use Policy On Computers, Network & E-mail
IIBG-E            Use of Computers and Networks Agreement
            Academic Achievement
IK                   Class Requirements
IKA                 Grading Systems
IKAB              Students Progress Reports to Parents
IKB                 Homework
IKC                 Dual Credit Policy
IKE                 Promotion and Retention of K-8 Students
IKF                 Graduation Requirements
            Miscellaneous Instructional Policies
INB                 Teaching About Controversial Issues
INDA/INDB  Patriotic Exercises/ Flag Displays
INE                 Wellness Policy
ING                 Animals In School
JB        Equal Educational Opportunities 
JEA     Compulsory Attendance Ages
JEB     Entrance Age
JEC     School Admissions
JECA  Admission of Resident Students
JECA-2           Open Enrollment
JECAA           Placement of Students who have attended an Unaccredited Alternative Program
JECAA-E1      Grade Placement Committee Report
JECAA-E2      Grade Placement Committee Override Recommendation
JECB   Foreign Exchange Students
JECC   Homeless Children
JECE   Student Withdrawal from School
JED     Student Absences and Excuses
JEDA  Truancy
JEDB  Student Dismissal Precautions
JEF      Release Time for Students
JEG     Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JEH     Extra Curricular Participation of Alternative Instruction Students 
JF        Student Rights and Responsibilities
JFA/JGD         Student Due Process & Student Suspension/Expulsion
JFC      Student Conduct
JFCA   Student Dress Code
JFCC   Student Conduct on School Buses
JFCG   Smoking by Students
JFCJ    Dangerous Weapons in School
JFCK   Policy Prohibiting Bullying
JFCK-2 Policy Hazing/Initiation
JFE      Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
JFG     Interrogations and Searches
JFH     Student Complaints and Grievances 
JG        Student Discipline
JGA     Reasonable and Necessary Physical Force Authorized
JHC     Student Health Services and Requirements
JHC-1 Medication Policy
JHCC  Communicable Diseases
JHCC-R  Communicable Diseases Guidelines
JHFA  Supervision of Students
JHG     Reporting Child Abuse

KA      School-Community Relations Goals 
KBA   Public's Right to Know
            Appendix to Policy KBA
KBB    Public Complaints
KBCA News Releases 
KG      Use of School Facilities Policy
KG-E  Request for use of School Facility Form 
KG-R  Guidelines for Gym Use 
KGC/GBK      Smoking on School Premises 
KK      Visitors to the Schools